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WH404X natural gas sampler

  • Summary
  • Performance characteristics
  • Technical Parameters

WH404X natural gas sampler realizes the automatic injection process, guarantees the pressure and flow rate of the sample to be injected, and the constant temperature injection and quantitative displacement injection of the sample.

Performance characteristics

1. The entire system is passivated to reduce the adsorption of the instrument on low sulfur samples.

2. The operation panel adopts a touch screen and has strong human-computer interaction.

3. The pressure of the sample cylinder can be measured.

4. The pressure of the sample after vaporization can be adjusted and measured.

5. Automatically adjusting the flow rate of the sample after vaporization.

6. The sample pipe is used for heating.

7. Integrated design, compact structure.

Technical Parameters

Power supply: 100~240VAC/50Hz

Power: 300W

Sample pressure: 0.2MPa~13MPa

Regulated pressure: 0~0.4MPa

Vaporization room temperature: normal temperature ~ 90 ° C, accuracy 0.1 ° C

Temperature of heat tracing tube: normal temperature ~90 °C, accuracy 0.1 °C

Thermostat body temperature control range: normal temperature ~ 45 ° C, accuracy 0.1 ° C, default 40

Flow control range: 0~80ml/min, accuracy 0.1ml/min

Size: 200 (W) × 360 (H) × 380 (D) (mm)


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