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WFY100 Jaw Crusher

WFY100 Jaw Crusher is suitable for medium-hard, hard, brittle and hard ductile material with fast coarse crushing and pre- crushing process...

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  • Performance characteristics
  • Technical Parameters

WFY100 Jaw Crusher is suitable for medium-hard, hard, brittle and hard ductile material with fast coarse crushing and pre- crushing process.
The models have different material types.The excellent equipment and safe performance is your ideal choice for the pretreatment of the samples in the laboratory and enterprise production.

Performance Index 


Coarse grinding

Sample characteristics

Medium-hard, hard, brittle and hard ductile

Crushing principle:


Maximum sample size

Diameter less than 100mm

Final discharging size

Minimum diameter 0.4 mm, Continuously adjustable

Jaw plate material

stainless steel (standard),  Manganese steel(optional)

Jaw plate size

237 x 100 mm

Grinding gap width

0.2 - 15 mm

Gap width display

Digital display

Zero - Calibration

Zero has been set before they leave the factory. After replacing the jaw plate zero needs to be adjusted. Zero adjustment method see the other page



Safety protection

The machine stops immediately when feed cap is opened.

Receiving tank volume



Three-phase motor

Driver power

1.5 kW

Power supply

AC 380V

Body size

424 x 942x 800 mm (Height x width x depth)

Net weight

215 kg


Operating manual and random tool


WFY100 Jaw Crusher can be widely used in crushing Cement clinker, oxide ceramics, building materials, rock, alloy, silicon, slag, coke, coal, glass, mineral, ore, basalt, quartz, feldspar, ceramic, refractory clay, granite , etc.

Packing list

1、 WFY100 Jaw Crusher   1

2、 Rubber feet            4

3、 Instructions          1

4、 Certificate of approval       

5、 Random tools:  Screwdriver   2    

               Inner six angles wrench   2

               Brush    2

               Fixed arm ring for removing   1     

               The jaw plate ejector screw for removing   2


After-sale service

One year warranty and lifelong repair (Jaw plate is wearing parts, the warranty is not in the scope)

Telephone service:0519-86163583

Address: Xuedong Industrial Park ,Xueyan town of Changzhou city

Performance characteristics
  1. Excellent crushing performance
  2. dusting off interface
  3. Various materials, pollution-free
  4. Zero correction for jaw plate wear compensation
  5. Adjustable jaw plate gap
  6. Feeding hopper with preventing backsplash, quickly fixed
  7. Motor with fast braking performance, safety switches
  8. Easy to clean the crushing cavity
  9. Continuous grinding
Technical Parameters

Action principle

WFY100 Jaw Crusher is a durable and powerful crusher.

Crushing samples enter into the grinding chamber by the preventing backsplash feed hopper. They are crushed at two crushing wedge well space between the jaw arm where one jaw arm is fixed, the other one is driven by an eccentric shaft. The pulverized samples are squeezed by elliptical motion jaw arm, and move down under the action of gravity. When crushed samples are smaller than the open space at the lower end of the interval, they will fall into a receiving slot which can be pulled out. Set the gap width of jaw plate can be adjusted continuously and digital width display mode to ensure that you can get the best effect of crushing corresponds with the gap width. Adjustable gap width of jaw plate and digital display make sure the best effect. 

Method of operation

1、 After opening the box, fit on four rubber feet, with the inlet, put it stably in the working position.

2、 Connect the 380V three-phase power supply.

3、 Adjust the grinding gap to the maximum. 

4、 Boot commissioning.

5、 Smooth operation, no abnormal sound. Slowly and carefully adjust the gap to the digital display of the desired,  and then tighten and fix nut. If the digital displays zero, which is the smallest gap, it’s no longer to adjust. Otherwise it will cause the jaw plate jammed. The scale has been aimed at the zero scale when it leaves the factory. If there are jammed,pipe wrench must be used to loosen the adjusting screw.After disassembling or replacement,the jaw plate must be readjusted.Adjustment method, see the other page. When it blacks out because of the overload and restarts,we should press the reset button with non-metallic rod in a small reset hole on the side of the electric box.                            

6、 Start to feed and grind. Broken material is removed from the lower part of the drawer.

7、 After crushing, the drawer shall be cleaned; open the inlet, scrub clean,in order to avoid mixing other materials when you continue to use it the next time. You can also use the compressed air gun to blow and clean the studio.The effect will be better when a vacuum cleaner is connected on the dusting mouth.The side panel on both sides of the jaw can also be pulled out upward for the high demand of cleaning,(a screw for fixing the side panel needs to be disconnected,)install and use it again after the clean.

8、 Replace the jaw plate, first open up the inlet; and then put the spare parts of the rings on the upper arm,carry it by one hand;pull the pin of the fixed arm by another hand ,then you can bring up a fixed arm. And then remove the fixed block screw of the jaw plate ,screw out the fixed block with screw,you can change the jaw plate. The movable arm doesn’t need to dismount ,the jaw plate of movable arm is directly on the machine, it’s the same way to replace the jaw as the fixed arm.


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