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Stainless Sample Cylinder

  • Summary
  • Performance characteristics
  • Technical Parameters

Stainless sample cylinders are for the packaging of medium under low temperature or high temperature, the transportation of high-purity medium, the transportation of highly corrosive medium, the storage of laboratory use or test medium, and the sampling in the chemical industry.

Wheatstone are offered in a wide range of double-ended and single-ended sample cylinders, as well as miniature sample cylinders, cylinder accessories, and outage tubes. We have leak-tight sample containment and consistent wall thickness, size, and capacityAllow easy cleaning and minimizes trapped fluids with a smooth internal neck transition.

Performance characteristics


Pressures Ratings : Up to 34.4MPa

Materials             : 304L, 316L, alloy 400

Internal Volume   : 50ml-4500ml, or as clients' required

DOT Compliance  : DOT-3E 1800

                            DOT-3A 1800

                            DOT-3A 5000

                            DOT-SP7458 1800


Pressures Ratings : Up to 4MPa

Materials             : 316L

Internal Volume   : 100ml-500ml

DOT Compliance  : DOT-4B 500

Technical Parameters

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