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Polytene column molding machine

  • Performance characteristics
  • Technical Parameters
Performance characteristics

1. small size, light weight, suitable for multi-species laboratory, multi-specification requirements occasions.

2. forming cavity for precision molds, after forming the material size is accurate, excellent surface finish.

3. forming a sample, easy to prepare comparative samples.

4.forming power for the cylinder, thrust range for polyethylene and other plastic particles, and can be precisely controlled to reduce the generation of flash.

5. cooling for efficient water cooling system, clean, long working life.

Technical Parameters

1.equipment the largest weight: 17KG

2. Power: 220V 50Hz

3. Air source: compressed air or nitrogen 0.4MPa (Max)

4.coolant: ethylene glycol-based coolant, the boiling point of 150 ° C.

5. Maximum power: 1000W

6.Maximum temperature: 150 ° C

7.Temperature accuracy: +/- 1 ° C

8.Maximum thrust: 50Kg


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