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Online Hydrogen Sulfide in Crude Oil Analyzer

  • Summary
  • Performance characteristics
  • Technical Parameters

Online H2S analyser- hydrogen sulfide in crude oil analyzer. In the process of storage and transportation and processing, hydrogen sulfide can produce wet H2S corrosion and make the equipment corrosion seriously. In addition, the tank top gas phase contains hydrogen sulfide which can cause staff poisoning easily. Considering the high hydrogen sulfide toxicity to staff and strong corrosion resistance to equipment, it is very necessary to monitor the hydrogen sulfide content of sour crude and make desulfurization treatment.

Performance characteristics

1.Explosion-proof design, can be applied to district One and district Two.

2.Adopting unique heat pipe heat tracing, import controller temperature control, temperature control accuracy.

3.Quantitative quantitative tube, quantitative high precision, good repeatability.

4.A small amount of exhaust gas absorption tank.

5.Spent the liquid back to the original pipeline, the entire process without waste generated, no liquid contact, clean and hygienic.

6.Easy operation of the instrument, the entire testing process only need to press the start button, you can complete the sampling, injection, shaking the sample, testing, exhaust, drainage of the entire process.

7.Standard process analysis three times, take the average, to ensure the accuracy of the instrument analysis results, take about 30 ~ 45min time. Fast process for a single analysis, about 5 ~ 10min can be the result.

Technical Parameters

1.Power supply voltage:100~240VAC/50Hz


3.Vaporizing chamber temperature range: room temperature~55

4.Quantitative cylinder volume:2.35mL

5.Reaction tank volume:560mL

6.Size:810W*1700H*750D(mm), with casters


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