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2000ml 20mpa natural gas sampling cylinder

1.Working pressure: 20Mpa

2.Operating temperature: -40~+50℃

3.Material: 316L

4.Applicable medium: liquefied petroleum gas, propylene, butadiene and other gases meeting the conditions. Liquid sampling, storage and transportation

5.Effective volume: 100.250.300.500.1000.2000ml

6.Our company can be customized according to user requirements of different volume and different sizes of sampling cylinders. Customized surface treatment technology of sulfur passivation cylinders, applied to the analysis of PPB grade organic compounds

  • Summary
  • Performance characteristics
  • Technical Parameters

WH sampler is according to ASTM D1265《Standard Practice for Sampling Liquefied Petroleum LP Gases 》.

Performance characteristics

1.Bottle made of seamless tube, consistent wall thickness, size and capacity

2.Smooth inner neck gradient for easy cleaning and elimination of residual samples

3.Internal thread of cold forming NPT has great strength.

4.One-time extrusion molding avoids the sampling leakage caused by the structure of the welding arc

5.Installation of stainless steel handle coated PTFE, it can conveniently carry sampling cylinders, durable, and not damaged

6.316L stainless steel material can withstand intergranular corrosion resistance

7.Unique valve structure, good sealing performance and long life

Technical Parameters



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